Ashley and Chad La Jolla Beach Wedding

I love my job. I get to do something that I am passionate about, and I get to capture and help create the story of what is usually one of the most important days of people lives. Seriously though, the best part is when I get to meet wonderful people, and create friendships.

I have been excited for this day. Simply because I could not be happier for Ashley and Chad. Never were there a couple more deserving of each other. (Me and my husband aside of course!) They have the sweetest love for each other, and for their family and friends. And they are loved back.

This was a destination wedding. Not for Chad and Ashley since they live in San Diego, but their entire guest list consisted of family and friends who flew in for the occasion from Texas and Arkansas. This joining of these two amazing people, also meant the joining of their home states…in their NEW home state. I have never witnessed such an undeniable love and support for a couple than I did that day. They are a sweet couple and deserving of every ounce of it.

Sometimes, I think the hardest part of my job is selecting photos for these blog posts. Somehow I have got to get an entire day of beautiful moments whittled down to the bare necessities to tell the story of their day. Not fair. But here it is, a glimpse at Ashley and Chad’s first day of the rest of their lives. Ashley and Chad, I am so happy for the both of you. I feel truly blessed to have been able to meet the both of you and be a part of your day.  I hope our new friendship can continue on through out the years. xoxo

Second Shooter: Stacey Bishop

Hair and Makeup: Swell Beauty

Florals: Botanic Allure

Ceremony Location: Cuveir Park aka Wedding Bowl

Reception Location: The Cottage, La Jolla

Music: Band- Ottopilot (Brandon Vogt and Chad Vogt) Cello: Hitoshi Suzuki

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4 Responses to Ashley and Chad La Jolla Beach Wedding

  1. kate jeppson says:

    fabulous job, Brittany!!! love them all

  2. Lauren says:

    Cute Brie! You know my love for the beach! Love all the pics you chose to share

  3. Dee says:

    I just love these Pics…. Thanks for capturing my Artist Kari’s Hair & Makeup work !! Love your talent & the pics you captured…. Thanks again for referring Swell Beauty !!

  4. Dee says:

    Thanks for capturing our Hair & Makeup work & referring Swell Beauty to this Sweet Bride !! Hair & Makeup by my Artist Kari !!

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